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Von Burton - "Meeting On The Turret Stairs" / Hayez - "The Kiss"


Item Number: V049
Price: $12.99
Pendant Size: 1" x 1-7/8"
30-inch ball chain included, can easily be cut to a shorter length if desired.

This double sided pendant shows von Burton's "Meeting on the Turret Stairs" from 1864 on one side and Hayez's "The Kiss" from 1859 on the other side.


Frederick William Burton (1816-1900) An Irish watercolourist who, like Langley (and indeed on occasion Burne-Jones) persisted in applying this medium to subjects which you would expect to find painted in oils. In Burton's case, these were figurative works somewhat akin to those of Rossetti or even Leighton. In 1874 Burton gave up and became Director of the National Gallery.

The Meeting On The Turret Stairs, is also known as Helellil and Hildebrand. This painting is an illustration of an episode from a Danish ballad, published January, 1855. Depicting the final parting of Hellelil and her bodyguard, Hildebrand, the Prince of England. The affair ends in the slaying of seven of Hellelil's brothers by Hildebrand, and his own death at the hand of the youngest.

Francesco Hayez: Born in Venice, February 11, 1791 and died in Milan December 12th 1882. An Italian painter and printmaker. Italy’s greatest exponent of historical Romantic painting, he was also greatly admired for his portraits. He played an important part in the cultural life of Italy during its emergence as a modern nation state.